A new career, a new year, a new lease on life, and a new commitment – weekly blog posts.

I’m going to dredge up a photo, either recent or old, that has meaning to me and attempt to elucidate why the photo has meaning to me.  So, what’s in it for you?  Maybe nothing.

At the very least I bet you’ll learn one new word a week.  When was the last time you used “elucidate?”

e * lu *ci *date – to make (something) clear; explain.

So, here’s my photo of the week….


The significance of this photo to me is twofold.  It reminds me of my first experience stepping out on the range at the Bandon Dunes Resort.  Something about a huge clock marked “Rolex” makes you feel like you’re about to tee off at the U.S. Open.  The clock is a fixture; it creates atmosphere.  Would a big digital display with bright red numbers hanging inside the window of the warming hut serve the same purpose?  Absolutely.  So, why the clock?

I recently learned that I am very much a kinesthetic learner.  If you’re not sure if you’re visual, auditory, or kinesthetic, click here:

So, for a kinesthetic learner, something about that big clock just “feels” official.  It has nothing to do with what time it is and everything to do with the fact that “time” is important.  Important enough to be featured on a massive very expensive looking clock with the world’s most famous watchmaker’s logo on top.  My mind instantly triggers to “what time is it?”  “Where should I be?”  When do I need to leave to be there on time?”

Ironically, I glance down at my wrist watch rather than squint at the big clock (made by another watchmaker nonetheless).

So, if this huge icon of “time” wraps up all of these “feelings” in me, then what is the ramification on my blog, my life, and you the reader?  For me, it’s a great illustration for how the use of our time and our personal “timing” reflects our priorities and effects those around us.  Now that time is kept mostly by our telephones and other devices many of us are estranged from the wrist watch, the essential reminder for “time.”  I’m a bit old fashioned and my watch was a graduation present from my father, so I wear it every day.  I hope somewhere deep in my “kinesthetic learning center” a few brain cells are firing to subconsciously tell me, “value your time and most importantly value others’ time.”  The exact time it slips over my hand also has a lot to do with how I feel my morning is going to go as it’s the last part of my ritual before leaving the house each morning.

Until next week…



One thought on “Musings

  1. Can’t wait to read your weekly blogs and hear about the things that are meaningful in your life. You have grown from a thoughtful boy to a grown up man that I really do not know. Hopefully I will learn and the adult Matt and the people and things in your life that are near and dear to you. From the writings of one of my favorite nephews …. Until next week …. Love you Aunt Judy


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