2016-11-16 (2)

It is easy to ascertain the fact that spring starts on the spring equinox, but is spring just a season or a “feeling,” mentality, combination of sights and scents?

Since I was a child growing up outside of Atlanta, I felt that spring often started before the first day of spring.  In my opinion it feels like summer long before the solstice, too.  In fact I’ve always thought that the change of seasons come about 3 weeks late throughout the year.  If timing is everything perhaps we have to ignore the meteorological definition of “seasons” and simply celebrate spring when the grass starts to grow, the trees begin to bud, bulbs push their first leaves from the dirt, and ambient air temps rise enough to strip off our sweaters and bare our arms and legs.

For my wife, Kristin, a more important day in the grind to leave winter behind is the “spring forward” and the beginning of daylight savings.  Perhaps, the first day of daylight savings would be a better time to start spring in our minds.

After the longest and wettest winter since we moved to Oregon, we’re certainly not going to argue semantics, but rather simply enjoy the sunshine, the awakening of the plants and critters from underneath what has been a blanket of snow for some weeks at elevation.  With the lengthening of daylight and more opportunity to get outside and enjoy some of the greatest weather we get in this part of the world, I’m really asking myself if I’m efficient in the use of my time.  A new winter routine of waking earlier and also retiring earlier has rendered more quiet time in the morning and will hopefully make my afternoons more productive for both work and leisure.  I wish all my friends and family the same.  More time.  Perhaps more aptly stated, more appreciation of our own time.  In my last post I stated how important it is to me to value my clients’ time, but ultimately this starts with valuing my own.  May spring sprung in each of your back yard’s soon and may you each have a wonderful season!






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