Deacon Rootbeer Johnson


Today’s picture and topic is my beloved friend, Deacon Rootbeer Johnson.

Deacon turned 10 on April 1st, 2017, so I want to commemorate that special day with an ode to my dear friend.  We never thought we would see 10 years.  When I decided I wanted a Rottweiler I poured through hundreds of photos and articles concerning the breed.  I decided to find one to adopt, but I cautioned myself and warned Kristin, “some of them are quite ugly and many of them don’t live to be 8 years old.”  Deacon, luckily, was neither.

Deacon has been a wonderful dog and still behaves as if he’s a 2 year old puppy, but unfortunately he doesn’t have the bladder of his two year old self.  So, I go home everyday at lunch to let him out and often try and make it back in the early afternoon.  Sometimes when he can’t hold it long enough and I come home to an accident I can feel anger well up inside of me.  I don’t want to have to stand over the smell nor soil my hands or clothes cleaning up after him.  Usually that feeling is closely followed by shame as I know he would do anything within his power to hold back his pee pee.  And then often I feel sadness as I know he’s probably in the sunset of his life.

This is the embodiment of the sacrifice we all make to love those around us.  Dogs are different than most humans in that they are “perfect.”  They have no will to misbehave.  They only feel anxiety and act out due to their discomfort.  Deacon lives every moment of every day to feel the love of the people that are around.  All he wants is to be touched, to be loved, and to be congratulated for simply being alive.  I know in my heart, with 100% certainty that my agitation and anger comes from within me.  I also know that I control it.  With the power to be unattached to the things that bother me, or to activate my free will and change the circumstances, I am empowered to be a better person.  Dealing with an aging pet reminds me of my own mortality.  May I be as healthy and wonderful when I face my sunset.  Mr. Rootbeer is a crucial component of my life and I will pledge to be grateful for everyday I have the pleasure of spending time with him.  Happy birthday, little man!

Real Estate content:  Be careful if you buy a breed that is labeled “attack.”  When you switch insurance companies to make sure you have homeowner’s insurance (some companies won’t insure a house with a Rottweiler or Pit Bull), take your car insurance and every other policy you have with you to discourage bias against breeds.  Dog’s aren’t bad.  People are bad.  Bad people raise bad dogs.