True confessions: I never really got fall, the season.  I love the weather.  I love football, hiking, mountain biking, and playing anything in the cool crisp weather.  I am not big at picking favorites, but fall might would win, for seasons.  The thing I never got, was the whole death and rebirth theme.  Sure, the days are getting shorter, technically they’re getting shorter since the first day of summer.  It’s more obvious in the fall, especially the further north you live, and we get our first days of cooler weather.  I guess I’m just not much of a doom and gloom person and always ignored a central point to the season, the shedding away of the old for the new.

Dragon flies are totems of change.  Spirit animals of transitions, they are born in water but mature into a graceful insect that flies.  They shed the old and transition into a beautiful existence of helicopter like mobility.   Well, we are into a beautiful dragon fly fall, and I challenge you to transition like a dragon fly.  What in your life is transitory, perhaps an illusion that you can let go of and move into a more free existence?

We are always balancing between competing values and loyalty may come at the price of emotional freedom and new opportunities.  Let’s all makes sure that we are confident in the our commitments and not drudging through darkness that is avoidable.


Photo by J.N. Stuart.