Recent Happenings

When I bought this url and started posting I was traveling the world as an itinerant raft guide and ski bum.  I think most people liked the posts much more, not to mention the internet was kind of a “new thing” back then.  Now, I pretty much just post about Real Estate and I’ve noticed that not a lot of people read my posts.  So, here’s a change, a few things I’ve done lately….

I traveled up to Oakridge to ride the Alpine Trail.  Some of my good friends from years of adventuring had been recommending the Alpine Trail and Oakridge mountain biking for years and years, since I moved to Oregon.  I finally made it and have to agree, it was spectacular!shuttle_pic

I used Cog Wild shuttle service.  They did a great job!


Shot of Diamond Peak.


Cool covered bridge in Westfir where the Alpine Trail ends.


Selfie I took after my vision was getting better and I didn’t need glasses anymore after PRK surgery.

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