I indulged myself and re-read these old blog posts.  Funny how time flies, and also funny how ideas, notions, and blog posts, seem clearer and more well-written when you write them.

Back in one of my first posts I wrote I would teach my reader a “new” word in each blog.  Today’s word is “posh.”  Like the Spice Girl, I think of posh as being British.  The Queen Mother would be the epitome of the poshest of posh.  Posh is probably at best a synonym for the more Marxist interpretation of the French word, Bourgeoisie.  I think of Ayn Rand’s Howard Roark eating the world on an oyster.  Don’t bite into the pearl, Howard.

A few months back I made the rather posh decision to book a tee time at an exclusive private country club when visiting North Carolina for a friend’s nuptial.  The wedding was the highlight of the trip by a long shot.  You truly know you’re absorbing a special moment when you watch two people gaze into each others’ eyes and say “I do.”  But, it was also private, intimate, and patently not my moment, so I don’t dare write too much about it.  The golf on the other hand…

Weather was spectacular and this particular club has gone through a recent rather spendy (once again very posh) remodel.  Fairways were grafted from a sod farm.  Extensive research was done to insure that Donald Ross’s design intents were uncovered and adhered to strictly.  Greens are rumored to be the fastest in the state.  Well, lucky me, the weather was outstanding (did I already mention that?)


So, real estate content, and course review…

Biltmore Forest Country Club is amazing.  If you ever have the opportunity, carpe diem.

Donald Ross and understanding his design philosophy is like crawling is to walking for a recreational golf course design junkie like myself.  Neat photo of a statue of Ross outside of the pro shop at the Grove Park Inn..


Any of you that know me personally know I have strong opinions.  Like coffee, I like things strong.  I don’t even mind if you have strong opinions that are the polar opposite of mine, shocking, I know.

So, the real estate content this week is going to be opinionated, which is actually unusual, because my mine focus in real estate is usually very different than from life.  In life I love the challenge of unraveling a huge problem and finding a solution.  But, usually in real estate, I find that you just grind away the details and hope that you’re helping someone make a great decision that is almost integral to the true American experience.   The big opinion is (thanks for waiting patiently)…

The golfing part of this trip to North Carolina revealed two golf courses, two neighborhoods, and two “works in progress” that I felt were yielding vastly different results.  Case A, Biltmore Forest, involved the poshest of posh, spending a very luxurious amount of money and rendering the purest golf experience I’ve ever had the pleasure to live.  Case B, Grove Park Inn, is actually Bourgeoisie, in the actual French meaning of the term, not Carl Marx.  It’s middle class.  They’ve taken the driving range out to build more lodging and amenities, so you warm up hitting balls into a net.  The maintenance is very public and a little ragged around the corners.  The homes that line the fairways are every bit as beautiful as the ones in the Biltmore Forest neighborhood, but the resort attracts travelers.  Travelers don’t necessarily want to golf any more.  If they do, many prefer it to be less expensive and don’t mind losing out on the “posh.”  Thank goodness we need everyday, run of the mill, chip off the old block, restaurants, bars, shopping centers, golf courses, homes, and everything else at least as much if not more than posh.

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